Lex White Recording Catalog

Out of the belief in the positive contributions music makes to the world and the love I have for my audience, I have decided to make this ever-growing catalog of recordings available to you free of charge for your listening pleasure and use under the
 Creative Commons Attribution and Share-alike License.

If you enjoy these recordings, the best way you can repay me is to share them with others.  
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Dreams from Down Under

Clancy of the Overflow2017flacoggmp3
Interlude I2017flacoggmp3
Clancy’s Reply2017flacoggmp3
Interlude II2017flacoggmp3
Waltzing Matilda2017flacoggmp3
Interlude III2017flacoggmp3
Moreton Bay2017flacoggmp3
Cooley’s Reel & Outro2017flacoggmp3

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Flotsam (Home Recordings)

Angeline the Baker2014flacoggmp3
Arkansas Traveler2014flacoggmp3
Bb Medley2012flacoggmp3
Big Sciota2012flacoggmp3
Bill Cheatham2012flacoggmp3
Church Street Blues (by Norman Blake)2014flacoggmp3
Clancy of the Overflow2012flacoggmp3
Cold, Frosty Morning2015flacoggmp3
D Medley2012flacoggmp3
Done Gone2014flacoggmp3
Elzic’s Farewell2014flacoggmp3
Fanitullen (Norwegian folk song)2012flacoggmp3
Ginseng Sullivan (by Norman Blake)2014flacoggmp3
Ginseng Sullivan (by Norman Blake)2017flacoggmp3
Jenny’s Chickens and Musical Priest2015flacoggmp3
Kentucky W.S.M.2011flacoggmp3
Little Sadie2014flacoggmp3
Moreton Bay2017flacoggmp3
New Soldier’s Joy2014flacoggmp3
Song for Kate2015flac]oggmp3
Sunny Side of the Mountain (by Harry C. McAuliffe)2014flacoggmp3
Turkey in the Straw2015flacoggmp3
Walk On, Boy2017flacoggmp3
Wayside/Back in Time (by Gillian Welch)2017flacoggmp3
Whiskey Before Breakfast/Arkansas Traveler2014flacoggmp3
Whiskey in the Jar2017flacoggmp3

Jetsam (Improv and Jams)

12 String Improv2016flacoggmp3
Alice of Mine (Harrah’s Session w/ Zach Ostgaard)2016flacoggmp3
Clancy of the Overflow (Harrah’s Session w/ Zach Ostgaard)2016flacoggmp3
Hawaiian Improv 12015flacoggmp3
Hawaiian Improv 22015flacoggmp3
Head Over Heels Take 1 (IBMA session w/ Mikael Jonassen)2013?flacoggmp3
Head Over Heels Take 2 (IBMA session w/ Mikael Jonassen)2013?flacoggmp3
Midnight Special and Improv Instrumental2015flacoggmp3
Open G Improv2014flacoggmp3
Solea Improv2015flacoggmp3
Ukulele Days Improv2015flacoggmp3